Agricultural Business Management

Management students in class. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Agriculture is a business, whether it is production, processing and marketing of agricultural or natural resource products, biotechnology, and supplying agricultural inputs. According to (11/20) “agriculture and agribusiness bring in $92 billion annually in N.C., the largest sector in our state’s economy”.¬† The Agricultural Business Management major takes courses in business and economics, science, and technology. Students learn to apply the concepts, principles, and terminology of business (economics, management, finance, marketing, and others) to real-world issues and opportunities in the agricultural and life sciences industries (biotech, biochemical, and pharmaceutical).

Continuing advances in science, especially in biotechnology and health care, are creating new career opportunities. A concentration in Biological Sciences/Business Management is available for students interested in substituting life sciences for technical agriculture courses to prepare for management careers in life science and related industries. This concentration is designed for students with a good background and interest in science who seek alternatives to traditional science careers. Also, the Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs! Here is a video with more information. See the video about a coastal entrepreneur.

Alumni working in careers: Marketing and Sales Representative.

Additional videos about the Agricultural Business Management Program.

Courses include:

 Accounting, Agribusiness Management, Environmental Law & Economic Policy, Agricultural Markets, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economics & Business Statistics, U.S. Agricultural Policy

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