Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology


The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology program is about hands-on technologies applied to developing, integrating, implementing, and problem-solving agricultural and environmental situations. Students are exposed to new and traditional agricultural machinery, tools, and computer programs needed to solve today’s agricultural and environmental problems. Students will work in the department machinery lab, computer labs, and research machine shop areas solving problems posed by our faculty. They will also travel to field sites throughout North Carolina and work in real-world situations gathering data and testing equipment. Precision farming is a necessity. Today all the ramifications of a high-tech society us to apply new technologies with speed and accuracy. Agriculture is feeding an ever-growing world population with better quality food. The means to produce, ship, and protect this food supply demands technology and people who can employ these technologies successfully.

Courses include:

 Water Management, Elementary Surveying, Agricultural Machinery, and Power Units, Processing Agricultural Products, Agricultural Electrification Circuits and Controls, Agricultural and Environmental Safety and Health, Animal Facilities and Environmental Management, Systems Approach to Agricultural and Environmental Issues


  • Agriculture
  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Technology
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  • Mechanical
  • Problem-solving
  • Technical
  • Production processes
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