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The Media Arts, Design and Technology major is for those who are curious and artistic and want to develop their talents for practical solutions. Those practical solutions augmented with aesthetic beauty and function is what we call design. We teach critical thinking, the merging of art and design principles, traditional processes with new technologies to produce solutions. The result is a visual message that tells a story of or for a client. A major in Media Arts, Design an Technology combines a solid design foundation with focus areas in experimental fashion (efashion), textile product design, new media (digital photography/videography, digital illustration) animation and (UX) user experience design.

The degree provides an opportunity for students who wish to combine the unique course offerings of Media Arts, Design an Technology in the areas of: media arts (animation, computer imaging, interactive design illustration, photography), textile design (weaving, fiber arts, surface design), and traditional art + design (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture) with other existing degree tracks within the College of Design. (See Princeton Review’s ¬†article about NC State video game design).

Video: The Open World of Design at NC State

Courses include:

Design Fundamentals for Art + Design, Design Studio: Art + Design in Context, Basic & Intermediate Photography, Digital Imaging, Printed Textile Design, Fibers Materials & Processes, Basic Drawing, Design Studio: History, Culture & Diversity, Introduction to Animation, Basic Sculpture

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  • Design, Artistic
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  • Project planning
  • Technical skills/drawing/computer design
  • Communication
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