Bioprocessing Science

bioprocessingBioprocessing is a broad term encompassing the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of products prepared from or used by biological systems, including food, feed, fuels, biopharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Graduates earning a Bioprocessing Science degree will have the technical competence and hands-on experience to immediately contribute to the North Carolina biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to a strong technical background, students will learn other subject matter relevant to the bio-industries, including quality control and assurance, validation procedures, as well as ethical and regulatory issues. This unique collection of courses is designed to provide students with a special skill set specific to bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing needs, which to-date have not been taught by U.S. universities.

The Bioprocessing Science degree program was designed to educate scientists for the rapidly developing bio-based industries of North Carolina and the world. North Carolina is focused on becoming a center for bio-based businesses, including pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical manufacturers such as Bayer Crop Science, Wyeth Vaccines, Syngenta Biotechnology, Biogen Idec, and Novozymes to name a few. In industry, bioprocessing scientists may design studies to evaluate or improve products or processes, develop tests to ensure product quality, or explain the scientific aspects of products or processes to regulators, customers, or investors.

Courses include:

Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Validation Science, and Industrial Microbiology and Biomanufacturing, Principles of Food and Bioprocess Engineering, Preparing for Careers in Food and Bioprocessing Sciences, Quality Control and Assurance, Chemistry of Food and Biological Materials, Analytical Techniques in Food and Bioprocessing

  • Agriculture
  • Life Sciences
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  • Scientific inquiry
  • Laboratory skills
  • Manage and communicate source materials and data related to bioprocessing
  • Management concepts
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