Communication Media

Learn about the history and theory of communication media and strategies to critically and creatively analyze media messages, practices, infrastructures, and institutions. You’ll study and produce media such as digital videos, films, and digital games while learning how these communication technologies change our relationships, working environments, and the interconnected world. And you’ll participate in rewarding internships that allow you to put this knowledge and new skills to good use.

Interpersonal, Organizational, and Rhetorical Communication

Learn theories about human communication processes and problems within interpersonal relationships, organizations, groups and teams, and public and political interactions. As you begin to understand how communication influences close relationships, families, co-workers, and employees, you’ll develop important argumentation and conflict management skills for personal and public environments.

Public Relations

Study communication theories and methods that help establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with employees, consumers, stockholders, media, and other target audiences. You will create news releases, digital and print public relations tools, and other forms of organizational communication, and discover best practices for social media and other new technologies. You will also develop strategic public relations campaigns for non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as intern for local businesses, non-profit organizations, public relations firms, or government agencies.

Courses include:

Presentational Speaking, Persuasion Theory, Environmental Communication, International and Crosscultural Communication, Public Relations, Critical Analysis of Communication Media, Digital Audio/Digital Video/TV/Film/and Multimedia Production, Communication and Conflict Management, Nonverbal Communication, and Game Studies.

  • Humanities
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  • Oral and written communication
  • Media writing and production
  • Cross-cultural communication competency
  • Interpersonal communication competency
  • Teamwork and organizational leadership
  • Digital media in PR
  • Media Relations
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