Construction Engineering

Graduates of the Construction Engineering (CON) degree program design and manage construction processes that create living and working environments and the constructed infrastructure serving public needs.

Two concentration alternates are offered in the Construction Engineering BS degree program. The General Construction concentration is best suited for those interested in the general construction aspects of buildings, roadways, bridges, airports, industrial facilities, housing, utilities, and dams related to civil and architectural projects. The Mechanical Construction concentration is appropriate for those interested in construction and design of mechanical systems for buildings, residences, power plants, and industrial facilities and the management of these activities.

With an accredited engineering degree program, graduates are on track to pursue a Professional Engineering license, a necessity not only for professional practice, but also for many positions in local, state, and federal government. Obtaining a contractor’s license is also a goal for many graduates early in their career. Since construction is done everywhere people live, graduates can often match their family and geographical location needs with an employer.

Courses include:

Engineering Mechanics – Statics, Mechanics of Solids, Introduction to Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering Surveying & Geomatics, Hydraulics, Engineering Economics, Construction Estimating, Planning & Control, Construction Equipment & Methods, Building Construction Engineering, Legal Aspects of Contracting, and Construction Engineering Project – a semester long activity involving teams of students solving real world problems in their area of specialization. A written report and presentation are included.

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