Design Studies

School of Design Dean Marvin J. Malecha works with students in Leazar Hall. Photo by Marc Hall

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design Studies is a non-studio, liberal arts program that provides an interdisciplinary orientation to the history and theory of the design disciplines, material culture and design thinking. Design Studies focuses on the properties of objects and environments as reflections of the social, historical, technological and physical contexts in which they are produced. It presents the formative role of design in shaping human values and experiences. This major is for students whose interests and talents in design are more general, cross-disciplinary, and span the five disciplines offered in the College of Design.

Design Studies is not a transitional program from which to transfer into one of the studio-based degree programs in the College of Design. Design Studies students who wish to change majors will need to apply for competing seats in the freshmen class of a studio-based program and are subject to the select admissions process that requirements a portfolio review.

Courses include:

History of Design, Introduction to World Architecture, Design Thinking, History of Aesthetics, Material Culture & Industrial Design, History of Landscape Architecture, History of Graphic Design

  • Design, Humanities
Academic Department
  • Art + Design
Departmental Contact
  • Leanne Bajkowski
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  • Critical analysis
  • Communication
  • Theoretical knowledge of design and design history
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