Electrical Engineering

Students work inside the FREEDM Center on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc HallThe electronics age has been with us for many years now, and many of the new products you continue to see as a result of this age are created by electrical engineers. Electrical engineers perform jobs such as developing new ways of making microchips, designing communications systems, using lasers and robots to solve problems, running our nation’s electric power distribution and telecommunications infrastructure, and designing products such as automobile control systems, cellular phones, and biomedical devices.

The electronics age has led us into the development of revolutionary information technologies, in which new and very capable information products are being created at a rapid rate. Electrical engineers create products such as control systems for cars and airplanes, communications satellites, PDAs and cellular telephones, microelectronic devices, the internet and wireless communication systems, electric power distribution systems, and microprocessors for computers and programmable devices.

Courses include:

Computer Systems Programming, Intro. to Computer Systems, Intro. to Computer Organization, Electric Circuits (I & II), Fundamentals of Logic Design, Analytical Foundations of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Linear Systems, Electromagnetic Fields, Microelectronics, Senior Design Project-semester long team activity involving the application of engineering and basic sciences to the total design of electrical engineering circuits and systems. Consideration of the design process including feasibility study, preliminary design detail, cost-effectiveness, development and evaluation of a prototype, and a written report and presentation are included.

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