Elementary Education

ED.school.241Elementary school teachers teach academic, social, and motor skills to students in public and private schools. They develop teaching outlines and lesson plans, give lectures, facilitate discussions and activities, keep class attendance records, assign homework and evaluate student progress. Teachers counsel students when adjustment and academic problems arise, and discuss pupils’ academic and behavioral attitudes and achievements with parents.

Students in the major will be licensed Elementary Teachers (K-6th. grade). A BS is earned with a concentration in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Elementary teachers accumulate many skills and knowledge (such as curriculum and instruction, and administration) that allow them to move into other career areas. With some additional coursework, teachers can add the following areas of specialization: English as a Second Language, Exceptional Children, and Gifted Education.  With the appropriate Masters’s degree, teachers can serve as school counselors, administrators, or media specialists.

Video:  Why I Chose Education.

Courses include:

Childrens Thinking and Additive Reasoning, Teaching Science in the Primary Grades, Social Studies for the Young Reader, Teaching Reading in Elementary School, Teaching Language Arts, 21st. Century Literacy, Assessment of Learning and Behavior, Teaching Special Needs

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