Environmental Engineering

CALS.erosion.81Rapidly developing technology and an increasing population are creating growing concerns for the impact of human activity on the environment. Environmental engineering is a discipline that addresses these concerns by seeking engineered solutions to environmental problems. These problems are frequently very complex and require a multidisciplinary approach.

Students study the major challenges confronting environmental engineers including solid waste management, air pollution, water quality, water supply, wastewater treatment, hazardous waste, and public hygiene. The degree combines mathematics, physical and life sciences, and engineering sciences and design in presenting approaches to meeting these challenges.

Career opportunities for environmental engineers include designing waste treatment facilities and equipment, developing regulations and management strategies, developing models predicting environmental impacts of human activity, and conducting research. Employment opportunities include working in industry, government, research organizations, and consulting. Environmental engineers have opportunities for working with computers, conducting laboratory studies, and doing field sampling and evaluation. There are needs for environmental engineers in many segments of society around the world to find practical solutions to environmental issues.

Courses include:

Engineering Mechanics, Statics, Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Systems, Hydraulics, Mechanics of Solids, Hydrology & Urban Water Systems, Water Supply & Waste Water Systems, Water Resources Engineering, Engineering Behavior of Soils & Foundations, Principles of Solid Waste Engineering, Senior Design Project- semester long activity involving teams of students solving real world problems in their area of specialization. A written report and presentation are included.

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