Fashion & Textile Management

!_MAH6855As part of the Fashion and Textile Management program, you will study basic business principles and apply them to the fashion and textile industry. You will learn about fashion trends and consumer behavior, branding, retail management, entrepreneurship, merchandising and marketing. Students also gain knowledge in the physical and mathematical sciences as they relate to textiles (fiber properties and fabric construction). Add to that hands-on experiences with internships and in-class projects and you will have a solid understanding of the industry, from fiber to finished product! The fashion and textile industry is complex. It involves everything from understanding the mechanics of how fabrics are made to knowing how to market your final product. At NC State, we do not just teach you the basics, we give you the entrepreneurial skills you will need to build a career in the industry– because a solid business plan is as important as a dazzling design.

Students in Fashion and Textile Management can choose from two concentrations:

Brand Management and Marketing

Learn how to position products and services for success in the marketplace, particularly in the fashion, retail and textile industries. You will study branding strategies, consumer and product trends, licensed products, and global marketplace dynamics.

Fashion Development and Product Management

Focus on design and development of fashion products, from jeans to bridal gowns. You will use trend analyses, coloration, silhouette selection, and other skills and concepts to develop fashions that appeal to consumers.

Courses include:

The Business of the Fashion and Textile Industry, Textile Brand Management and Marketing, Fashion Design and Development, Computer-Aided Design, Textile Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurship in Fashion and Textiles, Retail and Supply Chain Management in Textiles, Global Textile Trade, Strategic Management in Fashion and Textiles, Retail Buying, Merchandising, Legal Aspects of Textiles

  • Wilson College of Textiles
  • Business Management, Finance
  • Technology
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  • Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management
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