French Language and Literature

The continuous expansion of international relations makes the knowledge of foreign languages a critical need for todays professional. Students of foreign languages pursue careers not only in education, research, translating, and interpreting, but also in politics, diplomacy, banking, computer technology, software development, commerce, and journalism to name a few. The demand for multilingual personnel extends to all fields of enterprise and is continuing to grow. Students who major in foreign languages may go on to graduate school, teach, or study law, medicine, or business. Many apply the cognitive, reading, and writing skills they acquire to various positions in management, public relations, administration, and government.

Today, employers seek graduates who can interact confidently and appropriately with diverse populations. Whether preparing for a career in business, government, law, education, human services, science, the military, or the arts, students who develop their foreign-language skills will have a competitive edge. The Department serves the interests of NC State by contributing to its advancement in international awareness and providing direct contact with other cultures for the social and economic development of the citizens of North Carolina.  A teacher education degree gives students the opportunity to pursue teaching after graduating.

Courses include:

Intermediate French I & II, Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment and from Romanticism to the Contemporary Period, Advanced Conversation: Contemporary French Culture, French Phonetics and Pronunciation, French Syntax and Composition, and French Civilization and Culture

See eight-semester display for Teacher Education courses.

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