German Studies

John_Coman_Portrait_img_300Perhaps you admire the culture. Or the country. Or the way the language sounds. Fair enough. But when it comes to your career, you need to choose a major that will help you get where you need to be. Luckily, German Studies fits the bill.

Whether you choose to focus solely on German Studies or combine it with another major, you can build a solid career in practically any field:

  • Foreign trade in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • International organizations
  • International travel
  • International education
  • Journalism, marketing or media relations across the globe

Why German? For one thing, it’s the most widely spoken language in Europe, which means you’ll be in a position to easily navigate the European market. And since Germany is known for its powerhouse economy and innovative spirit, speaking the language and understanding the culture opens the door to your future just a little wider.

At NC State, we want our students to get the most value from their degree – which is why we’ve created three different tracks. By focusing on your specific area of interest, you’re better able to hone the skills that make you marketable to potential employers. Choose from:

German Studies: a stand-alone degree focusing specifically on cultural studies

German Studies with an International Economics concentration: a degree requiring five economics courses and two German business courses to help you specialize in the field

German Studies with a Science and Technology concentration: a degree where you study German alongside a major in the sciences, engineering or other field outside the humanities and social sciences

With each concentration, you’ll be required to spend at least one semester studying abroad or in an internship at a primarily German-speaking organization based in a German-speaking country. (Source: German Studies website)

There is also a German Education Concentration for students who are interested in teaching.

Courses include:

German Language courses, Intro. to German Literature, Green Germany, German Culture & Civilization, Business German, German Cultural Artifacts, New German Film, German Poetry

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