Horticultural Science

Horticulture seniors Lela Walker (left) and Stephanie Eldridge (right) go over their notes while working in the greenhouse behind Fox Labs.

Horticulture is an exciting segment of agriculture that is growing ever more popular in the global economy. Horticultural Science uses all the tools of modern science to investigate the complex growth and developmental responses of horticultural crops and to develop solutions for problems confronting the horticulture industry. The North Carolina climate is conducive to the production and use of a wide variety of horticultural crops and services.

There are two majors options in Horticultural Science, Science and Technology. The Science option is intended for, but not limited to those students who feel they will go to graduate school or pursue a laboratory based career. The Technology option is intended for those students who plan a career in the plant-related business, teaching, work at the county extension level, in crop production, or other applied area after they graduate.

Courses include:

Plant Propagation, Gardening with Herbaceous Perennials, Interior Plantscapes, Residential Landscaping, Nursery Management, Principles of Ornamental Planting Design, Physiology and Culture of Temperate Zone Tree Fruits, Small Fruit and Vegetable Production, Greenhouse Management, Production of Floricultural Crops

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