Interdisciplinary Studies: Africana Studies

CHASS.Brookins.0196Africana Studies is designed to give students an integrated and critical understanding of the experiences, contributions, and achievements of peoples of African descent throughout the world. The core courses emphasize conceptual and methodological issues within Africana Studies. Students are taught academic skills and encouraged to conduct critical research and analysis designed to understand the relationships between and solutions to the political, social, cultural, and economic developments in Africa and the African Diaspora. The overall goal of the Africana Studies program is to provide students with competencies to succeed as citizens, workers, and leaders of the global community.An Africana Studies degree at NC State University will offer students the opportunity to study the Black experience in Africa, the Americas, and throughout the African Diaspora.

Students will explore topics, issues and research from cross-cultural, international, transnational and multidisciplinary perspectives. Through the lens of the African experience, Africana Studies will also examine the intersection of race (social), ethnicity (culture), gender and class (economic) as it impacts the broad issues of human development. Once educated, Africana Studies graduates will be prepared for further professional or graduate education in a diverse array of areas including all of the humanities and social sciences, law, and education. Students who choose Africana Studies as one of two majors are additionally prepared to engage in careers where African descended people and communities are a key focus. Within the major, students can choose between the African and African Diaspora options.The Africana Studies program also offers a Community Studies Concentration.

Courses include:

African Studies requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in the major field of study including courses such as African Civilizations, Introduction to African American Studies, Introduction to the African Diaspora, Music of Africa & the Americas, Peoples & Cultures of Africa, Black Popular Culture, and Senior Seminar in Africana Studies (Capstone). Restricted Electives are required for concentrations and options in the major. The Computer Literacy requirement will be met by completion of the Senior Seminar in Africana Studies.

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