Interdisciplinary Studies: Self Design

CHASS.ChenStudent.0127The Self-Design Degree Program is an interdisciplinary program at NC State that enables students to create a unique educational experience leading to either a BA or a BS degree. The degree requires students to combine courses from multiple disciplines demonstrating the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and solving problems in today’s complex world.

Admission to the self-designed major program is by application only. The first step for the student who wishes to enter the program is to contact Dr. Sharon Setzer, the Director for Undergraduate Advising for Interdisciplinary Studies, who will provide initial guidance in formulating the description of the proposed degree and assist the student in identifying a faculty advisor.

With assistance from the adviser, the student completes an application for the self-designed program (application form and instructions are linked below). The application must be approved by the Self-Designed Major Committee. This committee meets twice a semester to review applications.

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
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  • All Humanities & Social Science Minors
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