Natural Resources: Marine & Coastal Resources

SG.seafood.2155Understanding our marine and coastal environment is key to its protection as well as a resource for our state. Students who pursue this major get a broad background in the physical sciences as well as courses that focus on the management of these resources.

The demand for scientists with broad vision is rising as government agencies and businesses discover that the global environment, like the global economy, is truly interconnected. The current emphasis on ocean policy underscores the need for more knowledge and better forecasting for the oceans. Marine scientists are tasked with increasing the scientific knowledge base, and professionals with interdisciplinary training are needed to advise businesses, industries, and governments on the wise use of marine resources and the potential impacts of human activities.

Courses include:

Marine Biology, Fishery Science, Coastal Environments, Resource and Environmental Economics, Oceanography, Ecology of Coastal Resources, Management of Natural Resources

  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Physical Sciences
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  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Writing
  • Field Sampling
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  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Writing
  • Field Sampling
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