Polymer & Color Chemistry

Textile chemistry

In the Polymer and Color Chemistry program students learn core physical science subjects, yet focus in one of a number of important applied chemistry related fields. The Polymer and Color Chemistry program is unique in North America in that it addresses the science and technology of the fascinating fields of polymers and color chemistry. As such, our program is highly relevant to many chemical, retail, and textile industries, as well as environmental and medical science.

Polymers – Our daily lives are filled with products comprising a multitude of materials (fibers, plastics, metals), many of which are made from polymers. The PCC program provides education on the chemistry, physics and uses of polymers as well as their structure property relationships.

Color – Almost all these materials are colored in some way, either by dyeing, printing, packaging, or painting.You will study the chemical, physical and perceptual aspects of color as well as their application to a wide range of materials, including: paint, textiles, and cosmetic compounds.

The degree is highly flexible with many electives that allow students to easily double major (e.g., in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering) and focus in areas that include:

  • Color Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Medical Science
  • Environmental Chemistry

This degree program prepares students to work in fields such as textiles, automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and a variety of other science & research areas.

Courses include:

Introduction to Polymer and Color Chemistry, Technology of Dyeing and Finishing, Introduction to Color Science and Its Applications, Textile Product Formation, Fiber Forming Polymers, Polymer Chemistry Laboratory, The Chemistry of Synthetic and Natural Bipolymers, Impact of Industry on the Environment and Society

  • Wilson College of Textiles
  • Physical Sciences
  • Technology
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