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Sociology is the examination of social interactions of people in groups and the causes and consequences of the human behavior within the groups. Sociologists explore the complexities of the structure and dynamics of social systems among cultures and societies.

Sociology is an excellent major for individuals fascinated by groups and the social behavior of people. Students will have the opportunity to study race relations, gender, social class, religion, and ethnic background. In both paid and volunteer positions, the sociological perspective is valued in business, health, social service, criminal justice, law, media, and government sectors of society.

Please note that there is a BA and a BS degree program.  The BS program has more math and science requirements and a requirement of a 15 credit hour advanced science/technical requirement (which can be a minor).

Please view this presentation about the major and department.

Courses include:

Principles of Sociology, Current Social Problems, Sociology of Family, Social Deviance, Human Behavior, Criminology, Women and Men in Society, Sociology of Medicine, and Racial and Ethnic Relations

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