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Teachers can have a great impact on the social, personal, and intellectual development of individuals. Their influence stems from a love of learning, a talent for awakening students to new modes of thinking, an understanding of the human development process, and professional skills. A general description of teacher work activities includes: planning courses, instructing students, interacting with parents and administration, and keeping up with developments in the field.

The Technology, Engineering & Design Education program provides a technical foundation for a variety of employment opportunities including licensure as a middle school and high school teacher of Technology, Engineering & Design Education. By carefully selecting courses students may also seek licensure in high school Digital Media and high school Drafting.

As part of the Technology, Education & Design Education curriculum students explore the contributions of systems engineering for developing and sustaining our designed world. They examine appropriate measurement, analysis and simulation tools to make informed decisions and solve problems. Students explore methods of teaching middle and high school students about engineering design and the design process.

There are two “tracks” in this major; one that leads to teaching/licensure and the other is in Graphic Communications. More information about this major can be found on this presentation.

Courses include:

Materials & Processes Technnology, Foundations of Graphics, Technology through Engineering & Design I & II, Desktop Publishing and Imaging Technology, Architectural Graphic Communications, Digital Media Education, Basic Technical Animation, Concepts of Website Development, Applied CAD and Geometric Controls, Electronics Technology, Emerging Issues Technology, Robotics Education, and Research & Development in Technology Education.

Courses relating to teaching include:

Introduction to Education, Introduction to Teaching Technology, Engineering & Design Education, Introduction to 21st. Century Teaching, School and Society, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Classroom Assessment Principles and Practices, Lab Planning in Technology Education, Curriculum Methods in Technology Education, Senior Seminar in Technology Education, and Student Teaching.

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