Animal Science

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Animal Science is a diverse and complex field, covering not only the traditional production and management areas of livestock, horses, and companion animals, but also the basic sciences such as reproduction, physiology, genetics, and nutrition. Animal science is a broad field centered on the biology, production, management, and care of animals. Animal scientists are involved in all phases of domestic animal production, research, sales, service, business, and education. Students may choose from three concentrations resulting in a bachelor of science in animal science:  science, veterinary bioscience, and industry.

The science concentration is designed for students with an interest in advanced study, such as MS and PhD programs, in disciplines such as physiology, nutrition, or genetics. This concentration gives students more flexibility to select courses that fit their disciplinary interests.

The veterinary bioscience concentration is for students who are interested in advanced study in DVM programs and has all veterinary school prerequisite courses built into the concentration. Students in this concentration must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The industry/business concentration is for students who are more interested in the business or production aspects of animal science. It offers flexibility in complementing animal science courses with business, economic, and applied science course work.

Courses include:

Animal Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, Genetics, Livestock Techniques and Evaluation, Equine Techniques and Evaluation, Animal Management courses (companion animal, beef cattle, swine, dairy cattle, small ruminant, equine), advanced discipline courses.

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  • Hands-on experience with animals
  • Animal biology and science knowledge
  • Operate scientific equipment
  • Animal industry/commodity knowledge
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