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Zoology is the study of animals, and zoology majors are broadly educated in the biology of animals. Required courses are designed to develop breadth and depth in core areas, providing a strong base for all Zoology majors. Students acquire a knowledge of zoology from the organizational level of molecules and cells to the organizational level of ecosystems, with flexibility in the selection of upper level courses to then specialize or remain generalized, according to individual interests and career goals. The B.S. in Zoology differs from the B. S. in Biological Sciences primarily in its emphasis on animals, including a course requirement in animal anatomy and physiology and a course requirement in animal phylogeny. The zoology curriculum prepares students for graduate school, for medical, dental or optometry school, and for veterinary schools. Graduates also are well prepared for employment in various government agencies, private industries, or nonprofit organizations. Graduates may continue their education with studies leading to advanced degrees in many areas of biology such as zoology, cell biology, ecology, wildlife and fisheries science, marine science, and biomedical subdisciplines. Many choose to seek degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and other health-related areas.

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Courses include:
Required core courses include introductory biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, and calculus. More advanced course requirements in Zoology include Animal Anatomy & Physiology, Ecology, and Animal Diversity & Phylogeny. Students can select electives from a wide range of courses, including Animal Behavior, Cell Biology, Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology, Limnology, Neurobiology, Endocrinology, Comparative Nutrition, Invertebrate Zoology, and Functional Histology.

College College of Sciences
Discipline Life Sciences
Academic Department Department of Biological Sciences
Departmental Contact Dr. Jenny Campbell
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  • Laboratory Procedures & Techniques
  • Scientific Communication
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