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DES.Bong_.7753The Department of Industrial Design is one of the top professional programs in this discipline in the country. The program offers bachelor and master degrees accredited by National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The Department of Industrial Design faculty have joined NC State University from prestigious institutions around the world, each bringing years of experience in design, research, innovation, and education. The graduates from the department are enhancing people’s quality of life with the creative design of products, services, branding, and communication systems for companies such as IDEO, Nike, Pentagram, Volvo, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, PepsiCo, RKS Design, Microsoft, Smithsonian, Adidas, Hasbro, Target, and Bosch.

Students learn and practice design in a studio environment similar to professional design offices. Students methodically study peoples’ physical and cognitive experiences during their interaction with artifacts and services in order to discover user insights and create innovative solutions. During the design process, students are expected to creatively and critically contemplate the broader impact of their works on society and the world in addition to business and organizational implications. The dynamic and sophisticated balances between form and function and innovation and practicality are constantly debated and articulated throughout the students’ journey to better design. The department is proud of the decades of excellence in design practice and design thinking promulgated by its graduates. Their work informs, persuades and delights.

Industrial designers are concerned with the human experiences of products or services and their impact on business, society, and the environment. Working on consumer and industrial products/services, industrial designers define the total user experience from human factors, ergonomics, safety, aesthetics, materials, maintenance, to packaging and their production process, sustainability, marketability, and cost. Thus, industrial designers must be involved in four major design and research activities: human behavior and experience, the human-product interaction, the environment, and the product itself. Industries that NC State’s industrial design graduates enter includeconsumer electronic/communication products, furniture, housewares, appliances, transportation, tools, industrial equipment, medical instruments/ devices, human interface, system/service design, retail environment design, packing design, exhibit design, soft goods, entertainment, and recreational/sports products.

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IMPORTANT:   The annual deadline to apply to this major is November 1st.  Please review all requirements for applying: CODA.

Courses include:

Graphic and Industrial Design Fundamentals, Basic Industrial Design Studio I & II, Computer Imaging in the Design Process, Contemporary Manufacturing Processes I & II, Professional Practice in Industrial Design, Intermediate Industrial Design Studio Series, Ideation I & II, Advanced Industrial Design Studio Series, Advanced Digital Design Processes, Human-Centered Design

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