Crop & Soil Sciences

EXT.Kinston.20042Crop and Soil Sciences deals with field-crop production and soil management. It is the development and practical application of plant and soil sciences to produce abundant, high-quality food, feed, and fiber crops. There are three concentrations that students can choose from:  Agronomy, Crop Biotechnology, and Soil Science.

Agronomy: Students gain understanding of how plants grow, how the environment impacts crop productivity, and how management and marketing decisions affect profits. Graduates of this program will feed and clothe a growing global population.

Crop Biotechnology: Through hands-on classes, students will gain new understanding of how the crops developed and improved through biotechnology react within a farm production environment. Plant breeders graduating from this program will develop the seeds used by the next generation of food producers.

Soil Science: Soil is the skin of the earth and foundation of life. This science-based curriculum expands students’ career options in agriculture and non-agriculture fields. Graduates obtain the course requirements to become licensed soil scientist working to sustain soil and water quality.

Courses include:

Weed Science, Crop Ecology, Agronomic Pest Management Systems, Plant Physiology, Soil Classification, Soil Fertility and Fertilizers, Basic Agricultural Genetics

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