Natural Resources: Soil, Water and Land Use


Natural resources include our soil, water, air, minerals, flora, fauna and people. Wise use or improvement of natural resources for the benefit of society is the goal of resource management. Managing natural resource for the sustained benefit of society requires knowledge of soils, hydrology, geology, plant and animal life, as well as resource policy, economics and environmental law. Soil and Water Systems:  A framework is provided for understanding those land management factors that influence the quantity and quality of water that runs off the land and reaches surface water or filtrates and becomes groundwater.

Courses include:

Ecology, Natural Resource Measurements, Geology, Forest Science, Natural Resource Management, Soil Science, Resource and Environmental Economics

  • Soil Science, Environmental and Natural Resources
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  • Field Sampling and Research
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Technical Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Organization and Logistics
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