Forest Management

Trees and forested ecosystems are a critical part of our earth, our economy and our way of life, from reducing carbon pollution and purifying groundwater to providing timber for buildings and pulp for paper products. If you are interested in science, working outdoors, the environment, and people, then Forest Management may be the program for you. Forest Management is the science of balancing the needs of humans with the natural cycles of forests. It combines state-of-the-art technology with hands-on fieldwork. From measuring and monitoring forests with global positioning systems to working with community groups to fighting forest fires, foresters use their knowledge of science, economics, and technology to sustainably manage forest resources. Some of the skills learned in this major include how to measure and monitor forest conditions and health, regenerate and grow forest stands, manage wildlife habitat, and implement laws and policies.

The Ecology concentration focuses on natural forest ecosystems.

The Production concentration focuses on forest industry and forest plantations.

All students participate in a summer camp where they get hands-on experience in a variety of subjects including silviculture, forest communities, forest wildlife, and forest management.

Forest Management website has more information about the major.

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Courses include:

Plant Biology, Forest Ecology, Dendrology, Forest Measurements, Forest Wildlife, Silviculture, Forest Management, Renewable Resource Policy & Management, Forest Health and Protection, Wildlife Management

  • College of Natural Resources
  • Environmental and Natural Resources
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Skills You Could Develop
  • Field sampling and research
  • Tree Identification
  • Timber Cruising
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Forest Modeling
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Management practices
  • Operate scientific equipment
  • Technical communication
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