Natural Resources: Concentration in Ecosystem, Concentration in Policy & Administration

CNR researcher leads students on a survey of land for a potential park in eastern Wake County.

CNR researcher leads students on a survey of land for a potential park in eastern Wake County.

Our Natural Resources program takes a holistic, hands-on approach to preparing students to meet global challenges that face our natural resources. As these global challenges increase, we need natural resource managers and analysts who can combine science, economics, policy and an understanding of human behavior. Students interested in the environment who prefer a broad background will find this program gives them the choice to concentrate their study in a variety of areas of interest.

The Natural Resources-Ecosystem Assessment degree focuses on learning how to inventory and describe the characteristics of natural ecosystems and evaluate the impacts of various management practices. Students will learn to identify, measure, inventory, and describe ecosystems, and apply standard evaluation and classification systems such as wildlife habitat evaluation procedures and the federal wetland delineation criteria.

The Natural Resources-Policy & Administration degree focuses on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to administer natural resources programs in a variety of settings and organizations. The advanced courses of the curriculum provide a broad background in economics, policy, government, public administration, and natural resources management.

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Courses include:

Natural Resource Management, Soil Science, Resource and Environmental Economics, Ecology, Dendrology, Natural Resource Measurements, Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental and Natural Resources
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  • Field Sampling and Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Tree Identification
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Integrated Natural Resource Management
  • Ecological Monitoring
  • Operate Scientific Equipment
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