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The Sustainable Materials & Technology major prepares students for 21st. century jobs helping businesses and communities reduce their ecological footprint through efficient use of renewable natural materials, such as wood, bamboo and cork, in the manufacture and use of value added products. Students gain a strong foundation in economics, environmental science and engineering, sociology, and other courses which prepares them to design, manufacture, and sell natural sustainable biomaterials. The degree program is for those who are interested in a career in a growing field with job flexibility, high job placement rates with great starting salaries, a tradition of success, and an unlimited future. Some scholarships are available.

Areas of focus in this major: Sustainable materials for green housing; Properties of renewable materials; Chemistry of sustainable materials; Industrial ecology; Sustainable composites & biopolymers; Processing of biomaterials; Environmental ethics; Pollution prevention; Recycling for a sustainable environment

Sustainable Materials & Technology website has more information about the major, internships and careers.  Read about this alum’s position as a construction project engineer.

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Courses include:

Sustainable Materials for Green Housing, Anatomy & Properties of Biomaterials, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Recycling to Create a Sustainable Environment, Industrial Ecology, Engineering Economic Analysis, Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Materials

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