Jimmy V lab research student Hannah Cheek. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEADGenetics is the science of inherited biological traits. Geneticists study genetic and environmental factors relevant to human health and disease, how the expression and function of genes regulate biological processes and development, and how genetic processes affect genetic variation in populations. Geneticists also develop new approaches for the management, analysis and modeling of large, complex sets of genetic data. The undergraduate major provides classroom and laboratory experience in the major sub-disciplines of genetics.

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Courses include:

Genetics in Human Affairs, Principles of Genetics, Elementary Genetics Laboratory, Molecular Genetics, Genes and Development, Genome Science, Human and Biomedical Genetics, Population, Quantitative & Evolutionary Genetics, Advanced Genetics Laboratory, Genetics Colloquium, Undergraduate Research and Teaching

  • College of Sciences
  • Life Sciences
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  • Department of Biological Sciences
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